Annie initailly trained as an actress at the NYT and RADA. 

However, it transpired that working behind the camera was where Annie really belonged and she became an independent Casting Director in 2009.

Annie is very proud to be Casting Associate for Defibrillator Theatre

You can usually find Annie scouting for talent at the theatre, running auditions in Town, or typing away at her work-from-home West London desk in the company of her 4 year old daughter Mariella, Perdy the cat and Robin the dog.


  • Azhur Saleem, film Director

    “I’ve worked with Annie on two projects and both times she’s brought her amazing energy and creativity to the films. As a casting director, she always provides a range of ideas and suggestions of actors that truly inspire me as a director. She’s helped to form the character in the early stages of prep, through her casting suggestions, which further helps to solidify my directorial vision. I think what’s also key is finding actors that fit within the budget range and it’s this sense of pragmatism which further fuels Annie’s creativity, making sure everyone’s time is used as efficiently and creatively as possible.”

  • Jacqueline Pepall, film Director

    "Annie has cast 4 films of mine - she’s always the first person I go to. Annie gets to the heart of the script and finds exactly the right person for the role. She’s thorough, intuitive, efficient, and an absolute a joy to work with.”

  • Matty Groves, film Director

    "My first time using a casting director, Annie was fantastic from start to finish. So much so, that I tell other filmmakers that the first crew member they should hire is the casting director (preferably Annie!)."

  • Alan Powell, film Director

    “Accommodating. Professional. Bang on selects! I saw actors that matched the psychical and emotional needs of the character. Annie knows her actors!”

  • Dominic Bolton, film Producer

    "I've worked with Annie on three short films now, and without fail she has provided excellent talent every time. As someone that was initially new to working with a casting director and liaising with agents, Annie's guidance and knowledge was invaluable and I don't know what I'd have done without her! Not only is she highly skilled at her job, she is a joy to work with and I'm already looking forward to the next one!"

  • Sam Buchanan, film director

    "The Lion’ made me appreciate the value of a great casting director, Annie Rowe. She was unstoppable, she found us a terrific cast that really bring the script to life."

  • Siofra Campbell, film Director

    "Annie is amazing. She has terrific taste and is very organised - once she gets going, there’s no stopping her until the job is done to perfection.”