What's on the slate?



february 2018, annie's currently casting:

Short film SNAPSHOTS by Lliana Bird, directed by Phoebe Barran, produced by Blonde to Black Productions and Bird and Be Productions. Shooting mid March. The film is set within a photobooth, across three different periods in time (1960's, 1980's and present day). In each scenario, a person (or persons) enters the booth and goes through a significant transformation. Cast to follow shortly.


Play NOT TALKING by Mike Bartlett, directed by Defibrillator Theatre Company Artistic Director, James Hillier. The Arcola Theatre, London. Fully cast, announcements to follow shortly.

Documentary MARS 1001 for Director Robin Sip of Mirage3D, The Netherlands. Fully cast with Anna O'Grady, Nicholas Lupu, Lisa Caruccio Came, Mark Holden, Yuriri Naka and Giorgio Spiegelfeld.

Short film THE STORM by film maker Sam H Buchanan. Fully cast with Olivia Carruthers, Tom Spink, July Namir and Howard Lee.



Feature film KINGS OF CRUMLIN for writer/director Simon de Selva. 'A gentle comedy of violence, masculinity, displaced testosterone and salsa. 'The Shawshank Redemption' meets 'Strictly Ballroom' in Belfast'. Shooting for 2 weeks in Northern Ireland and 5 weeks in Belgium from October 2018. Cast to follow.

A Christmas campaign commercial for LIBERTY GLOBAL telecommunications. Produced by Caroline Willis for Perfect Tribe. Directed by Richard Cousins. Fully cast with Adrian Christopher, Carole Stennett, Peter Burrows, Ophelia Jones and Curtis Baffoe Djadja.

A commercial for SUNLIFE insurance for Aspect Film and Video, Bristol. Produced by Elle Dimond, directed by Sam Haire. Fully cast with Kim Durham, Hazel McBride, Steve Fortune and Nina Stratford.


October 2017

Feature film OUTMODER for director Azhur Saleem and producer James Boyle of Park Road Pictures. 'A once-famous writer hacks an android to complete his much-anticipated second novel, but a productive start soon descends into jealousy and murderous violence.' Shooting for 5 weeks in London from August 2018. Full cast to follow.

A corporate film for RSA produced by Glyn Williams at Belong Communications and directed by Richard Cousins. Fully cast with Alicia Charles and Hayley Jayne Standing.


September 2017

Short film A STITCH IN TIME for film maker Graham Atkins-Hughes. 'Following a knife crime incident in London, a young man faces two very different versions of the future.' Fully cast with Paul Barber, Marcus Rutherford, Davina Moon, David Leopold, Ailish Symons, Gianpiero Cognoli, Matthew Flynn, Elizabeth Boag and Carol Walton.


August 2017:

Following its highly successful sell-out run at the Finborough earlier this year, LATE COMPANY by Jordan Tannahill transfers to Trafalgar Studios, 21st Aug - 16th Sept. 

FOUR STARS: The Times, Express, Telegraph, Evening Standard, Time Out, Daily Mail, Independent, What's On Stage, Stage, Radio Times.


JULY 2017:

Short film SAFE SPACE by film maker Ben S Hyland. 'The work-a-day world of a case worker confronted with the daily challenges of helping survivors of human trafficking in the UK.' Fully cast with Rebecca Grant, Marlene Madenge, Alma Eno, Josie Campbell and Karina Knapinska.


JUNE 2017:

Short film BLOOD TYPE for NFTS graduating director Jeongmin Lee, produced by Jimmy Campbell-Smith. 'An absorbing and bittersweet love story that alternates between a boldly stylised struggle for survival in 1930's Soviet Russia and a tender romance in a youth hostel in present day London.' Featuring Arthur Lee and Catherine Nix-Collins.

Short film WISHIN' AND HOPIN' for director Jacqueline Pepall. 'In the ladies loo at Jane's wedding reception, Kate considers her past relationships and an unexpected encounter brings the possibility of a brighter future.' Featuring Martine Brown.


May 2017:

An online commercial for TAYLORMADE. Produced by Louis Haywood at Aspect Film and Video, Bristol. Directed by Sam Haire. Fully cast with Robin Sebastian and Alfred Hoffman.

A corporate film for SKY. Produced by Nikki Bentley at Perfect Tribe. Fully cast starring Surendra Kochar.

An online commercial for LOCKTON. Produced by Louis Haywood at Aspect Film and Video, Bristol. Directed by Sam Haire. Fully cast with David Hampshire, Denise Stephenson, Wayne Perrey, Rachel Handshaw, Jonny McPherson and John Christian Bateman.


APRIL 2017:

An online commercial for BABYLON. Produced by Elle Dimond at Aspect Film and Video, Bristol. Directed by Joshua Lawson. Fully cast with Jody Larcombe, Jason Bailey, Rachel Fagan and Charlotte Burke.


MARCH 2017:

An internal corporate film for MACQUARIE BANK. Produced by Glyn Williams at Belong Communications. Directed by Lorrin Braddick. Fully cast with Robbie Smith and Jennifer McKinnon Magee.



Play LATE COMPANY. Described by Torontoist as a “searing, unforgettable drama,” the play uncovers layers of parental and political hypocrisy at a suburban dinner party where grief is the loudest guest. The European premiere of this acclaimed drama by Canadian writer Jordan Tannahill will premiere at the Finborough London in May 2017. Fully cast with Todd Boyce, David Leopold, Alex Lowe, Lucy Robinson and Lisa Stevenson.

Short film HOME TO THE HANGERS for film maker A D Cooper of Hurcheon Films. 'War poet Edward Thomas stumbles away from the battlefield. Hardly knowing where he is, he staggers and half jogs up into a wooded hillside. From the hilltop, Hampshire spreads out – England’s green and pleasant land. Thomas settles down by a rock, almost moved to tears, and soaks in the familiar view with its rolling hills, unchanged for centuries.' Fully cast with Alex Bartram as 'Edward Thomas'.



Play CHINGLISH. 'Daniel, an American, wants to open up China for his business. There are only three things standing in his way: He can’t speak the language. He can’t learn the customs. And he’s falling in love with the one woman he can’t have.' Tony Award winning and Pulitzer Prize finalist David Henry Hwang returns to the PARK THEATRE following the sell-out success of 'Yellow Face' (Park Theatre 2013, National Theatre 2014), with this European premiere of his Broadway hit comedy, directed by Andrew Keates. Fully cast with Lobo Chan, Duncan Harte, Siu-See Hung, Candy Ma, Windson Liong, Gyuri Sarossy and Minhee Yeo.


DecEMBER 2016:

Short film THE DEAD DOG for filmmaker Helen Bolter of The Moirae Films. 'A self-proclaimed Duke welcomes us to the oddest pub in Britain. Railing against the forces that threaten this place he considers to be his sanctuary, and completely oblivious to its lunacy, he nominates it for the hallowed title of 'Britain's Best Boozer'. Fully cast featuring Maimie McCoy, Emmanuel Imani, Tim Bentinck and Rob Tofield.



Short film THE LION for director Sam Buchanan and producer Camila Carlow. 'Set in a claustrophobic recording studio, a young director wrestles with a stuffy corporate script, a trio of meddling clients, and a voice over artist who's had enough.' Fully cast with Neil McCaul, Ed Coleman, Julian Stolzenberg, Ian Pope, Samantha Spurgin and Levente Molnar.

Feature film workshop WE TWO 2 DORNOCH by filmmaker Maximilian G L Ward for Hilux Productions. 'In an attempt to fulfill their best friend’s dying wish, two naive young men travel to Scotland, only to find themselves at odds with the local authorities.' Fully cast with Alex Ferns, Siubhan Harrison, Will Hislop, Harry Lister Smith and Ruari Cannon.



Short film A VERY HAM-FISTED STAKEOUT for filmmaker Maximilian G L Ward of Wardraw Productions. 'After a botched drug deal leads to the death of his girlfriend, a hot-headed rookie teams up with a more experienced trigger man to exact retribution.' Fully cast starring Steven Hartley. With Tom Varey, Eliza Butterworth, Gianpiero Cognoli, Eliza Butterworth and Helen Kurup.

Short film IN-DREAMS for director Joseph Morgan of Tomorrow and Co Productions Ltd. 'A glimpse into three historical narratives, characterising three famous dreamers: Sir Thomas Moore, Charles Fourier and Lady Charlotte Guest.' Fully cast with Eloise Black, Daniel James and Tom Clear.

Short film SOMNIUM for director Mayed Al Qasimi of Doro Films. 'Keeping intergalactic postal worker Joan Kepler company on her many postal missions is her spaceship, PAT1. On today's menu, three innocuous packages and a trip into uncharted space. Well, it’s nothing they haven’t handled before. But when something starts to affect PAT1’s navigation system, and his carefully programmed personality, Kepler realises that something is very wrong indeed.' Fully cast starring Michelle Ryan and Denis Lawson.


AUGUST 2016:

Short film THE PENNY DROPPED for filmmaker AD Cooper of Hurcheon Films. 'A desperate woman seeks help from an unlikely and enigmatic source. She may not get the answer she thinks she wants.' Fully cast with Abigail Thaw and Philippa Peak.

Short film FAITHLESS for director Steve McCarten of Kinetic Film. 'A burned out Detective seeks revenge for the murder of his seventeen year old daughter.' Fully Cast starring Sean Gilder, Jack Gordon and Jake Davies.

Short film SEVEN for James Morgan Films. 'Set in a remote archipelago 50 miles inside the Arctic Circle, SEVEN is the story of 16-year-old Johanna who lives in a tiny, isolated, rural community threatened by escalating oil exploration. When her father is killed by an oil worker, customary law dictates that the fate of the perpetrator rests in Johanna’s hands.' Fully cast starring Nicholas Boulton, Dagny Backer-Johnsen and Trond Teigan.

Stage show AFFECTION for director Ben Buratta. Outhbox Theatre in association with The Glory present a brand-new devised show about bodies, intimacy and HIV. Fully cast with Rebecca Crankshaw, Aiden Crawford, Gavin Duff, Josh Enright, Barry Fitzgerald, Conor Gormally, Elijah W Harris and Jack McMahon.


JULY 2016:

Short film PADLOCK for filmmaker Ben S Hyland. 'An emotionally scarred man must survive the night in an abusive relationship after an argument escalates into something more sinister.' Fully cast with Gina Bramhill, Antonia Bernath, Valmike Rampersad, Rebecca Grant, Martina Laird and John Paul Connolly.